Crossover sales of fuel companies – Newsbeast

[ad_1] Decision in which companies engage in fuel marketing through petrol stations, the sale of heating oil and the supply of gas or compressed natural gas to petrol stations are required for the electronic transmission of data from their sales records via cash registers, including the amount of fuel sold, signed by Deputy Finance Minister … Read more

Trains return to and from the airport

[ad_1] Under the supervision of the Department of Transport – dissatisfaction of the management of the department when changing routes to the airport The Ministry of Transport is dissatisfied with the STASA decision to modify the train routes serving the airport, demanding their restoration to the original plan, a mandate to be implemented by the … Read more

Attack with paints and Brussels sprouts at the bank in Zografou – SKAI (

[ad_1] GREECE Indeed, the perpetrators also signed a slogan in favor of Jacques Kostopoulos. Post: 06/11/2018 – 8:20 Last actualisation: 06/11/2018 – 8:20 388629.1 The attack of the ship's detachment at Gregorios Afxentiou in Zografou took place at 3.15 in the morning of a group with a hood, causing material damage. Indeed, the perpetrators also … Read more