Osram’s workers were worried a year after the ams took them over

[ad_1] It was summer, however, before the papers actually went to the Austrians after obtaining all the permits from competition law. Ams currently owns a good 70 percent of Osram and is in the process of taking control. The Profit Transfer and Dominance Agreement has been terminated and will enter into force soon. In addition, … Read more

Without World Cup on Sunday – alpine skiing

[ad_1] Too much fresh snow in Santa Caterina: Men’s 2nd Giant Slalom had to be postponed. © APA / afp / MARCO BERTORELLO The men’s World Cup second giant slalom scheduled for Sunday in Santa Caterina Valfurva (Sondrio province) was postponed due to heavy snowfall during the night. December 6, 2020 The race will be … Read more

Molnupiravir: A new drug may prevent transfer of crowns

[ad_1] Atlanta – In addition to the many positive vaccine reports over the past few days, scientists in the US are now encouraging with another positive news about the crowns: They claim to have developed a drug that prevents the transmission of the virus. It would be a real breakthrough! Scientists at Georgia State University … Read more

“I’ve had enough”

[ad_1] Alex Pastoor (Trainer Cashpoint SCR Altach): … after the game: “What should I say. The disappointment couldn’t have been greater. We ask many questions but there is no answer. How to deal with the injured, yellow and red card, which also happened quite often, does not mean that we have to stop playing football. … Read more

Mission “Hayabusa2”: capsule containing asteroid samples on Earth

[ad_1] The capsule with the first samples from the asteroid underground, eagerly awaited by scientists, returned to Earth. The Japanese space agency Jaxa announced on Saturday night (CET) that radio signals were received from a small capsule. The helicopter took off to search for a capsule in the desert of the Woomer Air Force Training … Read more

Crown and smell – feel nothing, taste nothing

[ad_1] Loss of smell or taste is now considered an important symptom of Covid 19. New research shows what is happening in the nose. Werner Bartens Published: December 5, 2020 at Loss of flavor: Even the best cake can no longer satisfy Covid 19 patients. Photo: Claude Prigent (PhotoPQR) It’s quite annoying when the best … Read more