Satechi’s new magnetic charging cable: an alternative to MagSafe

[ad_1] Satechi joins the MagSafe mod, but in his own way With the launch new magnetic connection system From Apple, MagSafe, we have already commented that it will be a “new Velcro”. And the truth is, it already is, because there are a lot of accessory manufacturers who have started introducing similar solutions from chargers … Read more

Yellow alert issued for intense activity on Villarrica volcano

[ad_1] File Villarrica volcano is recorded intense activity this Saturday afternoon as agreed yellow alert by emergency services. Monitoring #Alarm Yellow for the municipalities of Villarrica, Pucón and Curarrehue in the La Araucanía region and the municipalities of Panguipulli in the Los Ríos region due to the activity of the Villarrica volcano. More information. … Read more

Cancer Horoscope – Sunday December 6, 2020 | Cancer horoscopes

[ad_1] You wake up with the best posture, it may not have been as fruitful days as you would like, but today it is undoubtedly. The trine between Mercury and Venus would be practically alloying day energy where it would no doubt be active. Sometimes you start an activity very agile, but suddenly and suddenly … Read more

Minsal confirms that Seremi de Salud will investigate the case of a positive Covid result during an elderly trip

[ad_1] A response to a high-profile complaint came from the Ministry of Health (Minsal) The Mayor of Renca, Claudio Castro, WHO revealed that the National Tourism Service (Sernatur) took 33 elderly people from the borough on a trip to Coquimbo, when one tested positive for Covid-19. In this regard, Undersecretary of Public Health Paul Daz … Read more

No Detainees So Far: Investigation into Beating accused of Mobile Phone Theft in Puente Alto

[ad_1] File @fiscalia_RMSur referred the first proceedings to BH @PDI_CHILE for the murder this afternoon #High Bridge where, according to early ancestors, a 27-year-old man died while tied up and beaten by neighbors after attempting to steal a cell phone from a woman on the street @FiscaliadeChile – Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office (@fiscalia_RMSur) December 5, … Read more