Oscar returns to the subcontractor

[ad_1] The subcontractor plans to take Oscar Properties to the district court for unpaid invoices in the amount of 1.5 million, says DI. "We were tired, we do not receive an answer, no money, no news, see you in the county court," writes the president in a letter to the company, says DI. The company … Read more

Skånetrafiken replaces trains – guarantees more seats – News in Helsingborg – 24 hours a day

[ad_1] Skånetrafiken now replaces two Öresundståg outlets with Pågatåg express on the episode malmo–ÄlmhultAccording to the press release, the exchange guarantees more seating and better conditions for employees. At the same time, the two Öresund trains are carried at a distance malmo–Helsingborg, It increases productivity when most people commute to work Västkustbanan. "It is very … Read more

Interest rates on student loans can be raised in 2019

[ad_1] The author creates a foundation, but the government makes the right decision. Therefore, the last message is delayed until December, but the forecast usually responds. If it does so even this year, the interest rate on student loans increases from a record low to 0.13 percent to 0.17. For a person with a debt … Read more

Facebook campaign began in Turkey – News

[ad_1] The Facebook social network, which began to raise consumer awareness about consumer awareness of a fake bank in Turkey, announced campaign ads. In this campaign, Facebook aims to reduce the prevalence of fake bank ads, called phishing and the attempt to deceive people through the platform. Facebook aims to raise awareness among consumers in … Read more

Crypto coins were still falling from "Bitcoin Kr

[ad_1] Crypto coins continued to fall on Monday, and Bitcoin fell to $ 5,000 after the division of one of the major digital currencies. Bitcoin saw the lowest level since October 2017 at 5:35 PM on Monday at 11:50 am and found the buyer at 3.03, for a price of $ 5,284.31 at 2:30 PM. … Read more

Société Générale reduces SKF | Business world

[ad_1] Société Générale reduces the price of SKF to 125 SEK from 159 SEK. Recommendation to repeat the sale. This is due to Bloomberg. SKF closed on Friday by 139: 55 SEK, and this share increased by 19 percent in the last three months and by 23 percent since the turn of the year. The … Read more

Crypto cash market loses blood, bitcoin falls!

[ad_1] Satashi Nakamoto code 2008 Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency he released in the past few days, decrease It's over. Bitcoin, which once gained fame, now loses blood. Last month $ 6,500 1 Bitcoin, which is worth 1000 USD per month 5500 USD stressed. Bitcoin, with a loss of about 15%, experienced the highest amortization over a … Read more

Support for the president of the Macron Valley – only 25 percent of French foreigners are satisfied

[ad_1] Support for the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is still falling. The president pushed through several reforms, making him less popular in the country. On Sunday, the French public opinion department, Ifop, published a survey that shows that only 25 percent of respondents are satisfied with President Emmanuel Macron. Only 4 percent said they … Read more