Bad tanning? Luciana Salazar's back "burns"

[ad_1] Certainly you have seen it on portals, on social networking sites, on television programs or heard it on the radio: Luciana Salazar and Marley met on the cover of Caras magazine and presented their children, Matilda and Mirko. Everything was in front of cameras and video recordings and photos that they later publish in … Read more

Rosemarie Dietz fue desvinculada de la Gira Mekano por supuestas irresponsabilidades | Tv y Espectáculos

[ad_1] En todo un fenómenos se ha transformado el regreso del team mekano, de gira por varias ciudades del país, bailando y cantando junto a sus emblemáticos rostros. Una de ellas era Rosemarie Dietz, sin embargo, al parecer una mala actitud de ella la habría dejado fuera del proyecto según el propio director ejecutivo, Carlos … Read more

WWE Monday Night Raw EN VIVO ONLINE v. Fox Sports 2: sigue las incidencias del show desde Milwaukee | Live Streaming | Deportes

[ad_1] WWE Monday Night Raw tiene un nuevo episodio este lunes (8:00 pm EN VIVO ONLINE v FOX Sports 2) en el Fiserv Forum de Milwaukee con toda la expectativa de los fanáticos por lo que sucederá en el tryximo encuentro entre Dean Ambrose y Seth Rollins . El pasado lunes permitió el regreso de … Read more

I like to enter the reality of other lives

[ad_1] "There are as many characters as there are people in the world," said Andrea Frigerio, who plays in the Argentine-Paraguay co-production Leal, a drug-dealing action film that premiered in Buenos Aires. In an interview with Telam, Frigerio talked about how he first worked on a film with his daughter and presented his leading role … Read more

Warner Channel presents the Elseworlds crossover in December

[ad_1] In December, Warner Channel presents the Elseworlds crossover, a series of three episodes in which Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers must wear combat suits, refine their best tricks, and combine their talents to defeat dangerous enemies. On Thursday, December 20, the impassable meeting of instant paladins, bow and arrow, and power never … Read more

Life of Gustavo Cerati, recreated by his feelings

[ad_1] The document contains unpublished archival materials, such as this picture of the artist in childhood and anecdotes narrated by his family, friends and former Soda Stereo Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti Credit: NatGeo Yesterday evening the premiere of Nat Geo took place BIOS: Life that meant yours, dedicated Gustavo Cerati In two subsequent, one-hour … Read more

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" FILTERED! More unpublished photos of the new movie [SPOILERS] | Dragon Ball Anime Cinema Japan | DBS | DBH | Goku | Vegeta Picture 1 of 10 Anime

[ad_1] Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a film that was shown in advance in Japan thanks to the first show for the inhabitants of this country. This made people publish part of the story and some of the images that have now been filtered all over the world. Let's see what new things will appear … Read more