With indeterminacy in Egypt, the clubs are looking at Brazilians from the pyramids of international football

[ad_1] The history of the Pyramids has been emphasized after Saudi minister of sport Turki al Sheikh, who is responsible for bringing several Arabs to Arabia, also looked at Brazil as a barn strengthening the Egyptian club. However, during the season and after some controversy, Turki threatened to stop investing in an Egyptian club, and … Read more

Palmeiras maintains five lead points in Brazil

[ad_1] Palmeiras now has 71 points, Flamengo with 66 and Inter, 65. The difference between the leader and the vice-leader is 5 points <span data-placement = "right" class = "pull-left pop" data-content = ""> Published 19/11/2018 00:13author: SÉRGIO CARVALHO – – – Campinas Paraná (who has already fallen) frightened Palmeiras on Sunday afternoon, in Londrina, … Read more

Watch West and Goiás goals

[ad_1] Goiás won West 3-1 back and returned to Serie A. They met on Saturday evening with the 37th round of Serie B from Brasileirão at the Barueri Arena. The result has increased Goiás to 60 points. Since the first candidate is the number of wins, the team strengthened in second place. When Avaí and … Read more

Grêmio comes from São Paulo and follows G4

[ad_1] Gremio has a connection with São Paulo and is present in G4 Jornal Correio do Povo Jardine justifies Nenê's return between the holders and says that he already feels like a "technique from São Paulo" Fox Sports Hudson is irritated by the question about Aguirre, and Jean sees evolution on Earth Live broadcasts in … Read more

Ponte hits Coritiba, for the first time he appears on G4 in Serie B and sees closer access

[ad_1] Ponte Preta is the newest member of the Brazilian Serie B G4 (access zone). The Campinas team made temporary provisional leadership by defeating Coritiba 2-0 at the Moisés Lucarelli stadium on Tuesday evening in the penultimate round of the competition. Spectacular growth, draw and seven wins in last matches, adding 22 points in 24 … Read more

Santos can feel 17 years in the starting line up against Flamengo

[ad_1] ABOUT Shines he will not have Lucas Verissimo (left right knee) and Luiza Felipe (right-calf extension) for a match against Flamengo on Thursday at 17h (Brasília), in Maracanã, in the 34th round of the Brazil Championship. FOX extends the possibilities of employing FOX Sports Coach Cuca confirmed absences and raised the opportunity to promote … Read more

São Paulo defines Plan A for Diego Aguirre, says PCV

[ad_1] Coach Diego Aguirre did not resist the decline of the Brazilian championship in Sao Paulo and was fired on Sunday evening (November 11). After the departure of Uruguay, commentator Paulo Vinícius Coelho, from the canals FOX Sports, revealed what is "Plan A" Tricolor Paulista for the position. FOX extends the possibilities of employing FOX … Read more