Many lines of defense that are currently being formed on the Evros frontier

[ad_1] He’s writing George Sarris Recently, significant changes have been made to her business plan Ministry of National Defence to make Evros inaccessible, but also all land borders of the country. According to his information newsbeast The firepower, fortifications and equipment transferred to the border line after the recent Greek-Turkish crisis were so well researched … Read more

What areas will it rain on Sunday

[ad_1] Unstable weather with rain is expected on Sunday in most of the country. In the east, local rains are expected, mainly in Central Macedonia, eastern Thessaly and the Sporades. In the west, from the afternoon, local rains in the Ionian Sea, which will increase from evening, and there will be storms that are likely … Read more

Karypidis’ reaction position to judging in Peristeri

[ad_1] His own message after the gold medal in Peristeri against Atromitos, was sent by the strong man of Mars, Theodoros Karypidis, who at the same time threw his … nail to the judge. “We don’t want to lose. Against everyone and everything. They may still be looking for a way to cancel a goal. … Read more

FIFA 21: PS5 and Xbox Series X / S graphics are incredibly realistic (photos and videos) | Entertainment: games

[ad_1] File FIFA 21 the new generation will impress all players! Reason; It now has improvements in areas such as handling (taking full advantage of DualSense features on PS5), loading, graphics / animation, sound, player behavior, weather and racing atmosphere / presentation. In short, you will play a match and feel like you are up … Read more

Ankara now sees sovereign rights in Kastellorizo

[ad_1] Photo: Associated Press Ankara in a statement speaks of Turkey’s sovereign rights in Kastellorizo, saying that no sanctions against it will force them to cancel them. A few days before the summit next Thursday, where Turkey’s general behavior will be discussed, both in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, and in Nagorno-Karabakh and elsewhere, … Read more

The reason you were born in the sign of Sagittarius

[ad_1] What do you think; Is it accidental? There is a reason each of us is on earth. The journey of the sun in 12 signs he comes to answer, depicting the soul’s evolution through a different personality each time. in Sagittarius sign you belong people born between November 22 and December 23. This is … Read more

The Christmas bet also lost

[ad_1] The expectation of an increase in private consumption of at least EUR 2 billion is gone. ● With a recession of 11.7%, the third quarter ended, the fourth quarter made the government anxious. A new blow to the budget presented, a 20% drop in tax revenues in November, freezes Returnable 5 and retroactive retirement … Read more

The Messi-Ebape mega deal changes the football map of Europe

[ad_1] The two players who will undoubtedly steal the show about their future and their transferability are Lionel Messi and Killian Ebape. The Argentinian star is a “hot potato” in Barcelona’s hands, and the French world champion holds Paris Saint-Germain on hot coals. On October 9 you read at that “Lionel Messi stayed in … Read more