Jang Ye-won’s younger brother, Jang Ye-in, neat interior of the newlyweds … “Jang Ye-won gift” big TV look (on and off) – Chosun Ilbo

[ad_1] Jang Ye-won’s younger brother, Jang Ye-in, neat interior of the newlyweds … “Yang Ye-won’s gift” big TV look (“on and off”)Chosun Ilbo Jang Ye-won’s “On & Off” revealed the reason for his departure from SBSKorean economy Jang Ye-won, who left SBS in tears, will be on air today (5.)WIKITREE See full content on Google … Read more

Next week, World Corona 19 vaccine relay approval

[ad_1] Entry 2020.12.06 06:00 Pfizer, a large American pharmaceutical company. It has been approved by the UK government for emergency use of the Corona19 vaccine, which has passed Phase III clinical trials for the first time in the world. / yunhap news After the UK recently approved the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, being developed by … Read more

“Confirmation” in metropolitan area nursing homes such as Seoul / YTN-YTN news

[ad_1] “Confirmation” in nursing homes in metropolitan areas such as Seoul / YTNYTN News Group infection in a nursing home in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si … 21 confirmed patients including staff / YTNYTN News Infection of an additional 19 people, including Incheon / YTN users and workersYTN News See full content on Google News [ad_2] Source link

The mystery of the asteroid beyond 300 million kilometers is coming … Separation of the capsules from the Japanese probe

[ad_1] The capsules plan to land in the Western Australian desert at dawn on June 6The spacecraft ‘Hayabus 2’ is a challenge for other asteroid exploration The Japanese asteroid “Hayabusa2” probe approached the Earth on October 5 and separated the capsule containing material collected from the asteroid “Ryugu”. The capsule, which is believed to contain … Read more

Secure World Co., Ltd. introduces “CoGuard”, a defense solution that is proactively combined with artificial intelligence

[ad_1] [이코노믹리뷰=전진혁 기자] Recently, due to the rapid spread of Corona 19, it is facing a third pandemic. In particular, asymptomatic infections are increasing, especially among young people, making it more difficult to break the chain of infections than before, making them difficult to control. In addition, since the road is an invalid infection, future … Read more

[문화]No.1 No Radio … How long is the American BTS fandom?

[ad_1] [앵커]The fact that BTS has hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 is actually an achievement made without promoting local radio broadcasts and is attracting more and more attention. This is because a strong fanbase has formed in the United States. How big is? Reporter Kim Hye-eun reports. [기자]Tents have been set up … Read more