Nissan's president expected him to lose his post after being imprisoned in Japan – 20/11/2018 – The market

[ad_1] Nissan president Carlos Ghosn has been arrested on Monday for alleged financial violations in Japan and suspects that he has avoided the allegation that he is lower than the real one. Nissan's chief executive, Hiroto, will propose the company management to Ghosn on Thursday (22). Admired for saving a Japanese car maker from bankruptcy, … Read more

Cars that devalue more after one year of use

[ad_1] Volvo XC90: the model lost 18.6% in one year (Volvo / Disclosure) São Paulo – Volvo XC90 is a model car which most loses value after one year of use, according to the Seal of the Supreme Value of Resale of 2018, prepared by Agência AutoInforme. The survey, which is in the fifth edition, … Read more

VOI electric scooters receive 50 million euros of investment to reach Portugal – Observer

[ad_1] Common electric scooters have recently arrived in Portugal from Lime, and now there are more companies that want to enter the country with this novelty of urban mobility. One of them is VOI Techonlogy, a Swedish startup with investors such as Justin Mateen (co-founder of Tinder) and Nicolas Brusson (co-founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar). … Read more

Beer labels will have clearer information

[ad_1] Domestic and imported beers sold in Brazil will include in their labels clearer specifications for the ingredients used in their production. The measure is provided for in the normative instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map), published yesterday in the Official Journal. Companies will have one-year terms to adapt to the … Read more