Lisbon had the 7th largest increase in passenger numbers at European airports by September

[ad_1] The information indicates that higher which in Lisbon took place only in Frankfurt, and another 4.1 million (+ 8.4%), Moscow Sheremetyevo, with an additional 4.08 million (+ 13.5%), Ataturk in Istanbul, and another 3.93 million (+ 8.2%), Madrid Barajas, with another 3.3 million (+ 8.3%), Moscow Vnukovo, with plus 2.6 million (+ 18.8%) and … Read more

But J? China should soon begin to develop the 6G network

[ad_1] While the first towers for the 5G network are already activated in China, the country is already starting to prepare for the next step with technology. This is because local government plans already include the start of research in the future 6G network. According to national publications, from 2020 the whole business should focus … Read more

The Prime Minister emphasizes that Portugal has risen again faster than the European average – Policy

[ad_1] "Since joining the euro this has not happened, except last year, in 2017, And this is happening this year" – emphasized António Costa, during the inauguration of the program "Digital competences + partnership", the program for the unemployed with training. The leader of the government said that the country wants to continue this rate … Read more

Febraban will present the proposed Bolsonaro to a drop in interest

[ad_1] Tatiana Bautzer and Carolina Mandl and Rodrigo Campos, Reuters – The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) will present to the elected chairman Jair Bolsonaro when he will make proposals in January to lower interest rates on loans, Reuters CEO Octavio de Lazari told Reuters in an interview with Reuters. Lazari said in an interview … Read more

Global energy demand will increase by over 25% by 2040, according to research – Economy

[ad_1] On Monday, the International Energy Agency (IEA) presented an annual report in London, which indicated that the increase in demand will come from the developing Asian economies, especially India, which are likely to cross the United States and the European Union (EU) in 2025. As main consumers . Oil consumption will increase due to … Read more

IPC-Fipe increased by 0.40% in the first quadrisseman in November – Economy

[ad_1] The consumer price index (CPI), which measures inflation in the city of São Paulo, increased by 0.40% in the first quarter in November, losing strength compared to the 0.48% threshold verified in October, according to a study published today. by the Foundation for Economic Research (Fipe). The most contained increase of IPC-Fipe results from … Read more

Odemira approves the decision to abandon the oil exploration project

[ad_1] The municipality of Orense recalls that along with The Municipal Assembly has always held a unanimous position oil exploration on the south-west coast, condemning inconsistency in the adoption of oil exploration before Natural Park, in the coastal zone with exceptional environmental qualities At the European level, with species protected by Community directives and with … Read more

Odemira welcomes the abandonment of the idea of ​​oil extraction from Aljezur

[ad_1] It is recalled that Galp's executive director, Carlos Gomes da Silva, announced the decision to abandon the Alentejo basin exploration project on October 29 at a conference with analysts. The ENI / GALP consortium opted for a voluntary renunciation of the concession, whose contract for exploration about 50 kilometers from the coast ended in … Read more