"Implant Files": Faut-il s'inquiéter si on a un médical implant?

[ad_1] SANTÉ – Le Consortium international de journalistes d'investigation, dont sont partenaires 59 médias comme Radio France et Le Monde, a dévoilé, ce dimanche 25 novembre, le résultat d'une enquête de grande ampleur sur les implants médicaux. Intitulée "Implant Files", celle-ci met en lumière l'absence de contrôle et de réglementation européenne dans ce domaine. Cette … Read more

Implant Files: 5 choses à savoir sur les dispositifs médicaux

[ad_1] 11/26/2018 Un consortium international de journalistes révèle les failles de la surveillance des dispositifs médicaux via les "Implant Files". Le nouveau règlement européen visant à renforcer cette surveillance ne s'appliquera progressivement qu'à partir de 2020. Plus de 250 journalistes de 59 médias différents ont enquêté sur les dispositifs médicaux, des pacemakers aux prothèses de … Read more

To lose weight, what happens in your head is just as important as what is on your plate

[ad_1] Monitoring what you eat is not enough to lose weight, say neuroscience researchers and an endocrinologist. Dr Fabien Dworczak is a scientist dealing with neuroscience and public policy at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm). This article was written together with Lélia Bracco, an endocrinologist. To a large extent, he draws … Read more

Vincent Lambert: "an irreversible chronic vegetative state"

[ad_1] Experts appointed by the court confirm that"chronic irreversible vegetative state" Vincent Lambert does not leave him "possible access to consciousness", an application that may induce a judicial fight for possible downtime. At the age of 42, including ten in a hospital bed after a car accident in 2008, Vincent Lambert is indeed present "irreversible … Read more

After the birth of a dead child, she encourages women to listen to their bodies

[ad_1] Severe headaches, visual disturbances, tension that rises very high and falls very low … For pregnant women these are disturbing symptoms. It happened Kristy Wastonwhile she was 26 weeks pregnant. This 20-year-old mother from Australia will meet her doctor several times without further examination, informing her that she feels normal pregnancy symptoms and that … Read more

The League Against Cancer proposes 11 measures to strengthen prevention

[ad_1] "At least 40% of cancers can be prevented" because they are related to lifestyle (tobacco, food, alcohol, environmental factors …), said Christophe Leroux, Director of League Communication. Generate free vaccination against papilloma virus, tax alcohol and even better supporting research … The anti-cancer league has outlined 11 actions on the occasion of the first … Read more

Treatment of endometriosis: hope finally

[ad_1] The voices of the patients grew, the stars became involved, intoning that they were not normal during pain and pain, and finally they broke the taboo. Five years ago, few people, including doctors, knew about endometriosis. However, this chronic gynecological disease affects – at least – 10% of women of childbearing age. It causes … Read more

COPD: "People smoke and start very young"

[ad_1] In the video, an interview with dr. Pablo Ferrerem, a pulmonologist. COPD is a chronic and slowly progressive lung disease. The main cause of the disease is smoking. "As long as there is tobacco and harmful factors, it will evolve. (…) Currently, according to WHO (World Health Organization, Ed), COPD is the third leading … Read more