Vaccination against foot-and-mouth lasts until November 30 – Infonet – What's new in Sergipe

[ad_1] Vaccinations take place until November 30 (photo: ascom Emdagro) Sergipe has already started the second phase of the campaign against foot-and-mouth disease, the aim of which is to immunize the entire herd of cattle and buffalo for 24 months. Sergipe entered his 23rd year without the presence of the disease, becoming the reference point … Read more

Activities promote mobilization and awareness about hansenase | Sade

[ad_1] Author: Adamantina city press office Collaborated with: Priscila Caldeira / UniFAI The joint initiative aims to mobilize and strengthen the awareness of patients, communities and health professionals about leprosy (Ilustrao). The Secretariat for Health, in collaboration with the UniFAI medical course and the dermatological League and a multi-professional residence in the field of collective … Read more

Place the teat in the mouth to clean it, help to prevent allergies

[ad_1] A new study suggests that mother's saliva may contain bacteria that prepare the child's immune system to defend against future illnesses According RSS feeds access_time 19 nov 2018, 18h40 Only 12% of mothers with whom interviews were conducted had the habit of placing their children's teats in their mouths. (iStock / Getty Images) Some … Read more