RTS :: Dusan Pavlovic leaves DJB

[ad_1] In the statement of the Movement, it was stated that Pavlovic proved passionate for a long time due to disagreement with the DJB policy in Kosovo and Metohija. His position is that the current government should be left to work smoothly with Kosovo. The movement of DJB highlights its strong position that the solution … Read more

Zaev: The Ohrid agreement is a constituent part of the state

[ad_1] Stančić M. | 02. 2018 November. 15:11 | notes: 0 The Macedonian Prime Minister has raised the details of the proposed constitutional amendment submitted to the General Assembly Skopje FROM LONG DOCUMENT The Government of Macedonia proposes that the second constitutional amendment of ASNOM's decision by announcing the first session of ASNOM, supplementing the … Read more

Leskovac's tragedy: A woman on a 9th floor jump kills telegraph

[ad_1] Suicidal motives are not known Leskovac, 38, committed suicide from the ninth floor of the building in the Dubocica residential area. The tragedy took place on Đuro Salaja street on Friday, about 11 hours and 30 minutes, and an unlucky woman, according to informal information, jumped out of the solter's summer terrace known as … Read more

Odalovic: We will not bring reciprocal measures to Montenegro

[ad_1] BEOGRAD – Deputy Foreign Minister Veljko Odalovic said today that Serbia will not take reciprocal measures to Montenegro and that the ban on Serbian citizens to enter Serbia for Serbia is "something unacceptable". Odalović told the TV The first reason why the authorities of Montenegro have banned the poet and academician Matija Beckovic, historians … Read more