Open the Bangkok COVID 2 timeline. 1 case was found with the story of Tachilek, the next one was medical personnel – the 24-hour news station Nation TV

[ad_1] Open the Bangkok COVID 2 timeline. 1 case was found with the history of Tachilek, another was medical personnelNation TV 24 hour news station Timeline opens two cases of COVID-19 in Bangkok with no Tachileik quarantine historySanook The Ministry of Public Health opens a time list of 2 infected people in Bangkok from TachilekOTHER … Read more

June’s mother is crying – all hope is lost. He won the execution of “Jack” – Daily News

[ad_1] June’s mother is crying – all hope is lost. A request to perform “Jacek”New Delhi Unfortunately, Nong June will soon graduate with honors and become a victim of madness.the latest news Painful! A friend reveals that “Nong June”, the mad knife victim, is about to graduate from high school, wins her first honorary mention.Schedule … Read more

Keep an eye on BOT-Brexit policy Press baht traffic limit of 30.40 baht per dollar.

[ad_1] The bank estimates that the Thai baht traffic frame is 30.00-30.40 baht per dollar for December 7-11. The market reveals BOT’s supervisory policy. Urge the baht to cross the border – avoid the dollar risk On December 6, 2020, Mr. Phoonpanichpiboon, money market strategist, capital market Krung Thai Bank revealed to “Prachachat Business” that … Read more

NARIT scientists have joined forces to discover ‘water’ on planets outside the solar system.

[ad_1] Planet KELT-11b that looks like Saturn. NARIT National Astronomical Research Institute In a Facebook post, #NARIT scientists joined forces to discover “water” in the atmosphere of planets outside the solar system. NARIT scientists together with an international team of astronomers. Water was discovered on the exoplanet KELT-11b thanks to observations and data collection by … Read more

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Public Health orders all provinces to open the COVID-19 Crisis Operations Center

[ad_1] Today (December 5) Ms. Kiataphum Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Public Health. Discussion of the conference call, emergency medical and public health center. 2019 coronavirus cases and the state of medical and public health readiness In the case of smog and fine dust, calls were made to intensify preventive measures in border … Read more

Nida’s poll reveals people can’t trust the 3 inch crowd.

[ad_1] Nida’s poll reveals that people can’t trust the 3 inch crowdThai Post Big Tu continues to grow … and the crowd? Poll reveals NACC to look at liquid mafia Unable to raise pressure on stateVanguard newspaper See stories from all channels on Google News. [ad_2] Source link