TV: Far. The history of the road around the world

[ad_1] A couple on a journey that once led around the world: Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser did it. Three years later, after more than 100,000 kilometers, they returned in third place. The result was a moving documentary. Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser are standing on the street in the center of Kyrgyzstan. There was … Read more

Caroline Peters is the best actress «

[ad_1] The Theater an der Wien hosts the Nestroy Awards on Saturday evening. The best performances of the last theater season in Austria and the best performances in the German-speaking zone will be honored for the ninth time. In the evening lead Maria Happel, Viktor Gernot and Peter Fässlacher. Nicolaus Hagg is responsible for the … Read more

Mickey – mouse of the XX century

[ad_1] National symbol with radiation: Mickey Mouse celebrates its 90th birthday. (Photo: KEYSTONE) As an anarchic product from Jazz Age, he began his triumphant procession all over the world in New York in 1928. He has also become a beloved and often slandered symbol of America. Mickey Mouse celebrates her 90th birthday. Susanne Ostwald, New … Read more

Justice reveals new details of video surveillance

[ad_1] The drama about Daniel Küblböck still remains a mystery ten weeks later. What really happened on the night of 9 September? The prosecutor now sheds light on the dark. A series of photos with 11 photos Daniel Küblböck has been missing for two months. He was looking for him in the North Atlantic off … Read more

How to get tickets or a chance

[ad_1] Rammstein sold 800,000 tickets after selling them out in 2019 within a few hours. Of course, many fans looked into the tube, which could not get more cards. more The Eventim site on which the advance sale was conducted sometimes stopped. Now the organizer of the concert has published important information – for buyers … Read more

A sad picture of a destroyed house

[ad_1] American singer Miley Cyrus and her friend, actor Liam Hemsworth, have $ 500,000 Victims of forest fires in California I won. This was reported by the US news channel CNN on Tuesday. The money will benefit the victims in Malibu, where a couple of celebrities lost their home in flames. Cyrus and Hemsworth's spokeswoman … Read more

Heino: The singer's fortune goes to …

[ad_1] Heino (79, "Blue Gentian Flowers") and his Hannelore (76) have already been married for almost 40 years. Living without each other, the two can not imagine. However, just before the 80th birthday of the singer, on December 13, they have to face reality. Subjects of age and death are no longer taboo. The question … Read more