It's not easy to reject a character like Rick Grimes. All over the world The Walking Dead we saw it through him. In addition, the remaining characters, both "good" and "bad", they recognized him as a leader, and some followed him even in his darkest moments.

Here are some of them The most important moments of Rick after 9 seasons of this series based on Robert Kirkman's comicsThere are many things that can distinguish this leader, but we try to choose the moment of each delivery to remember how much this great character has given us.

Rick and Glenn

In the first episode of the series, titled "Days Gone Bye", Rick enters Atlanta and faces a huge horde of walkers. This devours the horse, and the head of the police almost broke the pound. We all remember Glenn's first words; which, interestingly, would be very similar to the latter.

Rick and Sophia

In the second season, Carola's drama worsened when her daughter disappeared. At Herszel's farm, not everything was said, but Rick and his company unraveled the mystery of the barn. When the supporters are released to eliminate them, we can see that Sophia was one of them. Without a doubt we all remember this scene.

Rick and Shane

This moment is one of the most memorable series: when Rick kills Shane & # 39; and after the tension between the two characters explodesYes, this is the next episode of the second season, but Rick will never be the same from the moment we live and suffer in 2×12, called "Better Angels".

Rick, sick

In the 3×02 episode, called the "sick" group, Rick tries to settle in a famous prison where so many things happen. However, "tenants" of the same were ready to defend their home, but Rick removes them, in particular to the character named Thomas, who takes his life with a machete. Though Rick's fight seems justified, the drama showed us the chiaroscuros of this character, which gradually became more complex.

Rick bites

We know that for Rick the most important thing in the world is his familyWe have seen this from the beginning of the series, until its farewell. He also showed him at 4×16, called "A", when the men under Joe & Michaia attacked Michonne, Carla and Rick & # 39; and tried to sexually attack the first two and then kill Rick after they saw attack on their loved ones. my dear No weapon, just like the big police chief defended his family, eliminating Joe from the carotid bite; how to forget about it

Rick is crazy

Besides, we've seen Rick countless times, and we've seen him lose the head of many others. Sometimes pain, eg. When Lori died, and another time, because to wear the apocalypse is not grauitoIt was demonstrated in 5×15, when, in spite of everything Alexandria offered them, he found a way to suffer, lose his head, threaten everyone and show them weapons … until Michonne arrived.

Rick vs Negan

These two leaders met face to face several times. One of them, when Negan threatened to cut off Carl's hand. Despite this Rick swore number one of the Survivors that he would kill them allHere Grimes are saved very little thanks to Shiva, the king and the company.

Rick vs Negan

The conflict between the two would have expanded a lot more episodes, only that Negan himself remains alive after Rick's uncertain end. In the famous final battle against the saviors, in 8×16, Rick cuts the neck of Negan and wins – with the help, of course, surprising Eugene & # 39; a – this terrifying group. We know that he forgives life for Negan, because Carl asked him to lay the foundations for a new stage for the community.

Rick, unforgettable

So we said goodbye to this character, not forgetting how much he gave us over the years: impossible escape, unwavering loyalty, intense bromination with Daryl, dictatorial stages, such as the "Ricktatorship", which he inaugurated at the end of the second season, his most painful failures: Lori, Carla – also counts Judith – tears and more tears; and also a few phrases because of their particular pronunciation, such as "Things and Thangs" and Coral. See you, Rick.

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