A can of energy drink can kill you in 90 minutes


Swallow one can energy drink it can seriously affect yours heart health and increase the risk of strokes. This amount can increase risk suffering from a stroke in 90 minutes and narrowing of the blood vessels.

The University of Texas has published a study that indicates that these types of beverages, the use of which is very widespread, can limit the amount of blood that reaches important organs.

But this is not the first study in the world that warns them riskIn this study, 44 students from the McGovern School of Medicine at UTHealth were observed, who did not smoke and had a good physical condition for about 20 years.

Researchers looked at the function of the endothelium (cell layers lining the surface of blood vessels), the rate of heart attacks, because the arteries can not fully stretch.

This function was measured before and 90 minutes after consuming 24 ounces energy drinks.

After the study, it was found that the arteries narrowed almost half after ingestion energy drinks.

The drinks consumed contained taurine, caffeine, sugar and herbs that directly affected the endothelial function.

The new findings will be presented at the 2018 Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association in Chicago, which will be held on November 10-12.

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