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Actress Whitney Cummins publishes an intimate photo after forcing: "Here's everything idiots" | TV and program

The unfortunate situation of extortion met the actress and comedian Whitney Cummins (36) in recent months.

As she told herself on her Twitter account, from April The observer threatened to share a photo of one of her nipples.

Cummins explained that this photo is the fixation of a video shared on social networks this month, but he did not realize that his bare chest appeared only a few minutes after uploading.

"I accidentally published an Instagram story that showed a nipple. When I realized I removed it. People who took screenshots are trying to get money from me, some say they have offers to sell them, others ask for money not to post a photo, "he said on a social network.

In this situation, Whitney Cummins decided to publish the image for which she was extorted. "If someone earns money or likes my nipple, it will be me. That's all you stupid idiot ", he wrote next to the image.

"When a woman is abused in the eyes of the public, we must spend time, money and energy doing it, employing lawyers and security experts, and living in the abyss because of when and how we humble ourselves. You can all have my nipple, but it's not my time or money", He added a post here.

In the same way, the comedian said that she received a lot of support from her supporters who applauded her decision. "I woke up with a lot of support after the incident with nipple photos. For me it means the world and I regret that the photo I had to publish seems to be born at home, "he joked.

"Thank you to everyone who sent me embarrassing photos for feeling better because of my embarrassing photo."He wrote, although he also explained that he was harassed by receiving pictures of male genitals from some users.

However, those who enforce him continue the same. "They are now threatening me with access to my iCloud (cloud)," he said.

Not the only one

In June this year was a Disney girl Bella Thorne (21) decided to publish some "intimate" photos on social networks after being blackmailed by hacker who threatened to send them to the internet.

Given this, she decided to share her photos on Twitter. "For a long time I let a man use me again and again and I'm sick of it. I show it because it is MY DECISION. NOW YOU CANNOT DELETE ANOTHER THING – he wrote then. "I can sleep better today knowing that I have regained my power. You can't control my life and you can never "added.

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