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Agent Zacaría: "Led by Goldberg they did not have any interpersonal contacts with Jonathan because they are the way they are"

The arrival of the steering wheel Leonardo Fernández to the University of Chile will make Uruguayan the fifth foreigner on campus in the second half of this year. The football charrúa promise will appear at the Blue Sports Center as the third reinforcement, making the Argentine side Jonathan Zacaría lose all registration options for the remainder of the 2019 season.

In this scenario, the player representative Ignacio Vilariño, he said Chile chart dissatisfaction with the decision taken by the management of Azul Azul led by the director Rodrigo Goldberg According to the agent, former Quilmes made a physical and economic effort to be able to use his last chance with the laity and is therefore today devastated after informing him of the decision.

Have they confirmed that Jonathan Zacaría will not be registered?

Yes, they informed us that if they shut down a new player, a third boost in the next few hours; the amount for the foreigner will be taken and Jonathan will not have a place in the team.

How did he take it?

Bad, bad, very bad. He took it very badly because he tried very hard to be healthy. He worked hard in Buenos Aires to recover and arrive on time so that he could be saved in the last six months of the contract with the club. In addition, six months ago, when they hired a Panamanian (Gabriel) Torres and took away a contingent of a foreigner, he could apply for everything because of his contract, he could go with the help of Quilmes for a million dollars, but he did not make a claim some did not make a fuss and there was no U gesture or directive to return that gesture to court. Not to mention that it was one of the best meals they rented for U.

What gesture are you talking about?

He had a gesture that no one made to U without demanding them, and when they could give him something, they turned their backs on him. U couldn't recover, and medical work was very bad, he recovered through our management in Argentina, left his family in Chile, and the U Directive behaved in the worst way, but good for what it is.

Did he have the illusion that he could carry out the last U-revenge?

Yes, and he is physically well, he is ready now if he recovers better outside.

r Rodrigo Goldberg was syndicated as responsible in the case of Zacaría / Agencia UNO

Director Rodrigo Goldberg said he didn't want to risk employing him, considering he didn't play two years ago. Does this exclude the option?

Yes, I don't think he could go back to U and that Jonathan loves U, he did not want to leave, but the directive led by (Rodrigo) Goldberg was not treated by the player in any way on a human and unfortunately he will have to remain unplayed until next year, and no it depended on nothing but them because the player is physically well.

There was another offer besides Aldosivi?

Aldosivi and Patronato made offers, and U decided not to agree to the loan, did not let her go and it is not in U's plans, so it is not understandable.

Does he think the decision is unfair?

Yes, it is devastated. And what do you think A year and a half injury gets better and they don't release him, don't register him or play him, so imagine what U did. He didn't do anything for Jonathan.

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