Sunday , September 15 2019
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Alternatives for rescuing miners trapped in Tocopilli

The National Rescue Service (Onemi) has announced three rescue alternatives for three miners caught at the San José mine in the municipality of Tocopilla.

After a series of meetings held during the day, it was determined that a the first option applies to explosivesfor the GOPE staff at Carabineros and Bomberos to continue cleaning the area.

The second alternative is exploration, work Sernageomin, Codelco and Enami, while the third option is search for alternatives by area, made by the same institutions.

These operations will start after the assessment water / air injection at the obstacle pointin order to generate liquid material removal, allowing a natural fall of the material that hinders access to the mine.

Along with this opportunity to do Internal drilling for supply management to imprisoned employees.

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