Brian Fernández wants to get to Macul: "I would like to go back to Chile and be in Colo Colo" – Football


© Agency One. Brian Fernández wants to get to Macul:

An Argentine striker who blinded the first semester at Union La Calera wants to play in Cacique. TVN


Brian Fernández He was one of the greatest figures National championships in the first semester, being an absolute shooter La Calera Union, a club that until the departure of the Argentinian was excited about the fight for the title.

But his good performance allowed him to reach Necaxa in Mexico, where the expected regularity was not achieved.

And now, at the end of 2018 just around the corner, Fernandez is excited about returning to Chilean football, but now he is wearing a Colo Colo T-shirt.

"I would like to go back to Chile and be in Colo Colo, this is a club where I still have to play. Chile was the country that gave me everything, I was happy, I met many humble people, and people from La Calera love me, just like I do"he said in a conversation with CDF.

He added: "I was in La Calera and I could not go through Colo Colo because I had to wait for the tournament to end, so today is running out and I being here could happen Colo Colo, but it does not depend on me, it depends on the clubs"

"Waiting for a game in Colo Colo, of course I would like to share with Paredes, Lucas Barrios and all those guys who are at a high levelbut in the meantime I have to keep my head here until the end of the deal, after Necaxa decides what to do with me. I can not say anything more, on the day when something is closed, you have to see what's going on, "he added.

In his dialogue with Football channelIn addition, Fernandez did not hide his admiration for Cacique.

"Paredes is a beast, I look at all things Colo Colo, because it attracts my attention, I like Columbus, Racing and Defense and Justice, which are clubs that I like and only follow them", closed.



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