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Cancer Horoscope – Sunday December 6, 2020 | Cancer horoscopes

You wake up with the best posture, it may not have been as fruitful days as you would like, but today it is undoubtedly. The trine between Mercury and Venus would be practically alloying day energy where it would no doubt be active.

Sometimes you start an activity very agile, but suddenly and suddenly your energy would change to make you feel like you can’t do any more with the activity. However, to the amazement of many with the energy of the Moon, you reactivate and responsibly end what has been entrusted to you.

Day forecast: Today you may have unexpected thoughts with people who might not be nice.

This means that at the request of a loved one, you would complete the task with a good face. Moving from Leo to Virgo has the quality of making you reconsider.

When it comes to love, there’s nothing like feeling at home full of the people you love. If you don’t have the family you want, chances are you will meet someone who shares the same dreams and delusions. With the Moon in front of you, you will let its influence help you make your dream come true.


Today, better than ever, it was possible to convince oneself that health is the most important thing, although it is a knowledge that everyone has established in their soul and body, not everyone is able to make physical energy win.

Therefore, having responsibility before you on such an important day, you would feel that you have everything at your disposal to devote more to your care.

You would have avoided an economic disaster on the day you would likely have to take out an urgent loan. Therefore, you will reconsider and without hesitation, you lend the saved money to someone else who is fair enough for your fortune, and I will pay you multiplied.

You feel in an energy so agile and enlightened that you don’t necessarily have to feel like a boss to be able to deal with some problems related to yourself and work.

It could be a day when the link to your work is much clearer than in days gone by. Today, no doubt, lunar control would be much more evident than at any other time.


The couple’s forecast for this Sunday
If you are a couple: You try to stay calm with your partner because there have been gray days between you.
If you are single: Now that everything looks so much calmer for you, you have the opportunity to meet the person who moves you for the better as a couple.
Sexual Energy Level: Very high.

Love: Taurus or earth signs.
Friendship: Cancer or watermarks.
Parent: Scales or air signs.

Tolerance level: Moderate.
Who could you get into suspense with?: You would feel better away from Scorpio.

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