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Carabineros unveiled the new command and retired to five generals

On the night of this Thursday, Carabineros officially constituted What's going to be New command institutions for 2019, which will accompany and advise the newly appointed General Director, Mario Rozas.

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This change is given as part of restructuring process of a police entity, After a complex crisis that happened this year as a result of events such as the Hurricane operation, and especially the death of a member of the Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca community in a police operation.

On this occasion, six generals were promoted to inspector general, 19 colonels were promoted to generals, and 5 generals were called to retreat.

Among the new names that make up the highest command, there are two women: Colonel Bert Robles Fernández, responsible for the area of ​​protection and prevention of families, and now it will be general as well General Pamela Olivareswho will be the director of Wellness.

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The conformation of the high command is as follows:

They raise general inspectors

  • Diego Olate Pinares, deputy director general.
  • Ricardo Yáñez Reveco, national director of Order and Security.
  • Mauricio González Marín, National Director for Personnel.
  • Jorge Valenzuela Hernández, national director of police operations support.
  • Gonzalo del Alcazar Sandovar, Comptroller General.
  • Mauricio Rodríguez Rodríguez, head of the Carabineros metropolitan area.

They are generals

  • Luis Humeres Aguilera
  • Ramón Alvarado Donoso
  • Hugo Zenteno Vásquez
  • Patricio Yáñez Palma
  • Raúl Agurto Silva
  • Jorge Ávila Corvalán
  • Carlos González Gallegos
  • Patricio Escobar Torres
  • Eduardo Quijada Acuña
  • Humberto Riffo Gutiérrez
  • Roberto Machuca Rojas
  • Iván Ketterer Lavandero
  • Patricio Figueroa Esperguel
  • Manuel Valdés Pinochet
  • Jean Camus Dávila
  • Rodrigo Vicencio Pérez
  • Luis Soto Barrientos
  • Berta Robles Fernández
  • Fernando Lobos Horn

In addition, the five generals who retire are Rodrigo Herrera Torres, Nelson Valenzuela Ruz, Ricardo Contreras Faúndez, Juan Badilla Alister and Miguel Jara Quezada.

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