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Crowd march rises in riots in the courts of the Plaza de Concepción | National


About 10,000 people marched through the center of Concepcion on a new day of demonstration after the outbreak of the social epidemic in Chile.

However, at the end of this incident occurred incidents at the Plaza de Tribunales.

The call took place on Thursday at 16:00 in Independencia Square, where initially about a thousand people arrived.

Fabian Polanco (RBB)
Fabian Polanco (RBB)

As the minutes passed, the mobilization interrupted traffic on O & # 39; Higgins Avenue, where they began to approach the courthouse.

After reaching this point, the crowd turned onto Tucapel Street to change route again through Barros Arana.

Then they returned to O & # 39; Higgins and went in the direction of Prat Avenue, from where they turned towards Plaza España.

However, some supporters decided to stay at Plaza de Tribunales and Plaza Independencia, thus concentrating two great manifestations.

At this point, after 17.00, at the intersection of O & # 39; Higgins and Tucapel Avenue, in front of the Caja Los Andes office building, the road block began.

A few minutes later, a group of 60 people began to create amazing special forces that protected the structure and then threw stones. For this reason Cars with a water launcher began to distract the protesters.

In addition, some of them started marking, regardless of the presence of police a few meters away.

Fabian Polanco (RBB)
Fabian Polanco (RBB)

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