Delay and Deletion of Aeroparque flights with trade union action – 11 February 2014


Jorge Newbery airport parks are now facing delays due to staffing arrangements Argentine Airline Association (AAA) the "downsizing, the dismissal and the pursuit of the Union".

In this context, the Union warned in a statement "the general situation in the aviation sector is currently very sensitive and worrying.

'sector is a serious crisis, the oversupply product, the impact of the recession on the sale of air tickets, the low income of Pesos and a drastic rise in fuel prices (airlines' USD in the main cost and airlines).

The EU action affects dozens of flights, since it has strengthened AAA, "cause delays or resignations".

The airline confirms cancellations

Due to the surprising power of aviation security guards, Aerolineas Argentinas had to cancel flights scheduled for today, while others had suffered delays.

Force Measurement is carried out by the AAA and consists of units in the company's premises that prevent the normal performance of tasks even for working people. These units led to a complete shutdown of the company's operations, as it did with other airlines.

The assemblies started at 5 o'clock in the morning. So far there are 20 delayed flights, and the company had to make five more resignations due to lack of teams to meet them.

The company regrets the impact of these efforts on its services, which have caused more than 2000 passengers.

Aerolíneas Argentinas reiterates its permanent staff to dialogue with employees. However, the trade union complaint was not accompanied by a formal statement to the company.

Passengers concerned may change their tickets over a period of 30 days for other dates or destinations, via the same route through which they have been purchased.

The company regrets the inconvenience caused by the foreign situation. And he reiterates his commitment to interconnectivity and provides his passengers with the best service.

Please refer to 0810-222-86527 for specific inquiries


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