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Elder children José José say they don't know where their father's body is

The older children José José, José Joel and Marysol Sosa Noreña, came to Miami this Sunday after knowing his father's death, They visited the funeral home, hospital and police station to find out where the Mexican singer's body was, without getting any information.

They also could not communicate with their younger sister, Sara Sosa Salazarwho has looked after her father for the past year and a half, even though he has called her many times, they told the media.

"We want to know where the body is because until now we don't know where he is and we, we must prove by law that don José José, our father, has already died"Added the eldest son.

José Joel explained that "There is no interest in receiving part of the inheritance" of the artist.

"Prince of Song" He died this Saturday in a hospital in South Florida at the age of 71, after several years of fighting pancreatic cancer, as confirmed by his widow Sara Salazar and his representative, Laura Nuñez.

Two brothers fruit of the marriage of José José with "Anel" Noreña, arrived on Sunday at the Miami (Florida) International Airport from Mexico City with the intention of meeting his younger sister, Sara Sosa.

According to journalists, they tried to contact her several times a day, but communication was impossible "because the phone looked disconnected".

"I use all cameras to tell my sister that I am asking, check her messages and tell me where and when we see each other," said José Joel to the media.

After arriving in South Florida, José Joel and Marysol went to the funeral home of Caballero Rivero, where the singer's body was supposed to be covered in the coming days. There the center director informed them there was no record with the name of the popular singer, and the arrival of his mortal remains was not planned either for this sunday

On Saturday afternoon, widow José José, Sara Salazar and her daughter united to wake up, but as confirmed Efehave not reached agreement.

After a "disappointing" visit to the funeral home, the two older brothers decided to go to Home hospital, south of Miami, where the singer was expected to die on Saturday afternoon. In a hospital center they didn't get any information either about the whereabouts of his father's mortal remains.

While his brothers were looking for him, Sara gave interviews

Although communication with her sister was not possible during the day, she gave interviews on Spanish television networks Univision and Telemundoalthough he didn't specify where the singer's body was.

"The girl cannot have five interviews and is not decent enough to tell us something that will find us," said José Joel, irritated by the situation.

Therefore, late in the afternoon of Sunday, brothers in the company of representative José José Laura Nunez, they appeared at the Miami police station to get more information and see if their father's name appeared on the death certificate.

"They don't know here at the Police Headquarters, there is no record of the death of José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, and this information must be because the death certificate must appear," said the son.

José Joel Sosa said he intends to move José José's body to Mexico so that he "deserves goodbye" in his hometown, but he doesn't know what the final plans will be yet.

"Maybe he is already cremated, maybe he is already in the urn, but nobody knows anything and here we are waiting for the girl to decide to get up from the interviews to show her face – he said.

In this sense, he confirmed that they were "in one or two days" to meet Sara Sosa or otherwise they would return to Mexico to take legal action.

"I think we have already done enough, we have already prepared a police report, we are doing what we can without reaching the legal situation in which it may already become ugly, so we will make sure that this does not happen today" – he concluded.

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