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Emotional farewell to Martín Cárcamo with Diiana Bolocco

Everyone was surprised Diana Boloccoa beloved cheerleader from Channel 13, he will decide to leave the channel that has been her home for so many years.

As expected, his loyal friend and companion Martín Cárcamo did not want to leave his farewells He gave a sensible message for the new challenges he will face in Mega.

"Professionally, Diana is extremely complete, vivid, creative, generous, hard-working and with exceptional talent "- commented on the" natural blonde "on his Instagram account.

He also paid attention to this "His figure matters … Diana creates an environment full of joy and self-confidence "he assured.

The presenter was not short with his words and continued to praise her: "Friendly and always willing to listen to give good advice. A great mother, a lover of her family, and especially her husband "He counted.

In the end he released his feelings: "I will miss Diana much, although I know that we will meet on weekends and enjoy your wonderful anecdotes and unbelievable stories. I love you, mistress, "he said.

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