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Get to know the day and time of the Independence Party in National Concepcion

For the second time in Concepción, it will be celebrated with fireworks, in two points of the city, Independence Party.

Actually, 1st of January there will be pyrotechnic shows at the same time Laguna Lo Galindo and in Round Lagoon

On 22:15 hours The pyrotechnic show will start in both sectors. This time, according to the mayor Álvaro Ortiz, the main heroes will be the municipalities, because the court sector of Concepción will not be part of the program.


Activities will start at noon on next Tuesday at The Pantheon of the Fatherland Cemetery General, then to 16:00 move to Plaza Independencia, where the ceremony will take place and art will be presented.


Then read the full schedule of the event that will take place in Concepción:

Move Commune of Concepción
Move Commune of Concepción


The Fiesta de la Independencia is celebrated, and now this milestone has a special place in Gallery of History Concepción.

Place where diorama was inaugurated, a three-dimensional work of art with wooden figures that shows the proclamation of independence in the square, as well as the party that took place on January 1 this year on the occasion of the 200th anniversary.

Meanwhile Bío Bío Theater and characters from the city, such as MireyaThey are also represented in this dioro, explained the general secretary of the Semco Corporation, Armando Cartes.


The work is one of the 16 existing in the gallery, the largest collection of its creator, the artist Rodolfo Gutierrez, known as Zerreitug who only needed five months to finish it.

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