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Google attacks Microsoft and compares it to an old and damaged car

Google's attack took place in the context of the presentation of new Chromebooks, in which the company claims that Windows is already old.

A few days ago, Google directly attacked Microsoft because, when presenting its new Chromebook computers, Mountain View said its Windows 10 competition system was already old.

By the way, Google, through the scientific promoter Bill Nye, who was the hero of the event, presented all the benefits of switching directly to a Chromebook, joking that in this system they will no longer find patches, long waiting times for loading and blue screens leading directly to death.

Although the people from Mountain View did not mention Microsoft directly, during the presentation they presented an image of an old and damaged car that was a direct attack on the company Bill Gates.

Bill Gates

Google launches its own system

The differences in work between Google and Microsoft have long been present, and now that the Android developer presents his own computer system, this is a clear message that there is no longer joint work between the two companies.

As per the company's vision, Windows is an outdated system and already has a reputation that makes it unreliable. As a result, the Chrome OS operating system offers a much more modern and reliable environment in which user frustration will no longer exist and everyone will have fun with this system.

Google attacks Microsoft and compares it to an old and damaged car

Nowadays, there are very often various attacks and jokes between companies, such as not going so far when Samsung was ridiculed with Apple, when they removed the headphone jack from the iPhone & # 39; and with the help of various ads and now the presentation of their latest model, Note 10, it had to eliminate it because the same path as Apple began.

We cannot deny that Windows has recently improved in terms of system updates and stability, providing us with a better experience than in older versions of the software. We'll have to wait to see how the Chrome operating system promises us a better experience, but apparently Google is more than confident in its new operating system.

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