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File National Federation of Health Professionals (Fenats) announced today through his Facebook that from this Monday, November 23, they will be on an indefinite strike across the country because, according to health officials, they have not received a response from the government or Minister of Health Enrique Paristo your requests.

President of a trade union organization, Patricia valderasI assured in the post that “After eight months of negotiations, three mobilizations and two days of unemployment with no concrete answers to our demands, the National Fenats have decided to start an indefinite national strike, which will begin on Monday 23 November. We ask citizens for understanding and support, because we are fighting not only for our recognition, but also for the budget to serve 80% of the citizens who are served in the public system.

Guild requests to Minsal is the payment of the so-called “Covid Bonus”, the cancellation of the User Treatment Bonus in its first part, the inclusion of Tens in the Health Code and the improvement of the budget per person health by 2021.

WITH Fenats They detailed that despite this indefinite strike, the work of health officials will continue with ethical changes.

It should be remembered that already this week and last week there were mobilizations for the same reasons, but these were daily limits, and not those that, according to employees, will start indefinitely on Monday.


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