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How many million Pińer will he pay for tickets to Paul McCartney?

During the first Cabinet Council in 2019, President Sebastián Piñera made an unusual invitation. He invited all of his cabinets, that is to say 24 ministers of the country's wallet, to Paul McCartney's concert.

The information was disseminated courtesy of the Ministry of Sport. However, a spokeswoman for the government, Cecilia Pérez, went on to deny this matter.

Explanation regarding Piñera's tickets

He began by sharing many things with other ministers and the president. He said that they have "many coincidences: to adopt the principles of the center-right, democracy, progress, justice – and be the majority of Paul McCartney fans."

"After hard work, as you saw in 2018, Preparing and refining the engines for 2019, the boss invites us and the boss to pay, and we are very grateful, happy that we have the opportunity if our plans allow it. this Wednesday will be watching the massive crash of Paul McCartney – the spokeswoman said.

And how does it look when you see Paul McCartney?

The anticipated concert will take place on Wednesday, March 20 at the National Stadium. Your available tickets have different prices. The cheapest costs USD 46 400 and is located in the most distant "Cencosud zone". Even if the invitation went to this area, the invitation to 24 ministers exceeds one and a half million pesos.

The most expensive available ticket is worth $ 568.400. If Piñera decided that the luxury that wants to provide portfolio managers is the closest to the British, this value will increase to 13,641,600 USD. That's without counting your own entrance or Morel.

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