Saturday , August 15 2020
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Mega reaches a peak of 9 points in the discussion on mental health

This morning, Mega, "Mucho Gusto," was experiencing one of the most diverse programs of the month with topics such as the new Santiago-Chillán trains and mental health.

First of all, Simón Oliveros appeared early to present new and modern trains that will arrive in our country and will be operated from 2022. They are hybrid vehicles, air-conditioned and equipped with the Internet. These will be the machines that will unite Santiago and Chillana in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Patricio Pérez, CEO of EFE, explained from the central station all the advantages of the new project.

Then psychiatrist Alberto Larraín, Executive Director of Pro Culture, together with the Mucho Gusto panel explained "fire in mental health"That millions of Chileans are going through: depressed children, dissatisfied employees, overwhelmed by students, among others.

According to Larraín, this is the case worst health crisis at the moment and has the worst health indicators in the world, and despite the discussion caused by the shortening of the working day and the role of the Chilean employee, the expert assured that: "We are not lazy, we are arrested". Expert intervention reached a peak of 9 points.

Today's morning edition of Mega won with a rating of 7.1 about the competition between 8:00 and 13:00 which at the same time achieved:

CHV: 5.0 points.
Channel 13: 4.7 points.
TVN: 3.7 points.

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