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Nicolás Castillo continues his interest and can go to Spain in Huesca

Chilean striker Nicolás Castillo lives a complicated scenario in Benfica, Portugal, where he only played 175 minutes in total on the pitch and after not being examined by coach Rui Vitoria. Given this scenario, the attacker analyzes leaving the current depot to maintain continuity, but for now he will not return to Mexico, according to his representative Arturo Jimenez told the newspaper Record.

"Impossible (return) In Mexico there is no team that would not call us to ask about Nico. With each of us we have clearly said that it is not the time for your return (to Mexico), which will come at the right time. The idea of ​​Nico and his team is to succeed in Europe, and now we are all focused on this "– said the businessman to the media.

According to this perspective and in accordance with the funds of O Jogo from Portugal, the national team could start lending Deportivo Huesca from SpainGiven his interest in continuing on the Old Continent, despite the fact that the Iberian team is in the final stages of the league, the option to start is great, and therefore Catholic university he could answer the unlimited interest that Águilas had for him.

"Benfica accepts only the loan scenario. The proof of this is that they have already received Chilean proposals that exceed the amount spent on their recruitment to Pumas: eight million euros. The latter came from Monterrey for 13 million euros. In the face of refusal, the lines increased to 15.7 million euros, the value that Benfica can only raise when Castillo resigns from the intention of staying in European football, "says Jogo.

Only eight games and no goals, Castillo is for his great performance at Pumas de México, where he scored 25 goals in 39 games played, which convinced the Portuguese team to undoubtedly give him a chance to show in Spanish football

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