Pablo Calandria announces in tears his departure from O & # 39; Higgins


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"It will not be easy." The last game at home is definitely not going to be easy, because every day that stays is the days that go (cries). I said I will not cry, but everything comes and … "cut out" ( Facebook Live) ".

It was the exact moment when Pablo Calandria could not take it anymore and began to let his emotions flow freely. Six minutes and a few seconds earlier, 'Cracklandria', 'El Libertador', 'Pali', he fulfilled his goal by announcing at a press conference that his six years in the Higgins O & # 39; is coming to an end after the match with Audax Italiano.

Calandria avoided the omnipresent emotional press conference. However, his emotions and everything that lived in Rancagua eventually broke him; Moving from the resistance before entering the gallery of idols is not achieved by everyone.

The countdown will begin on Sunday, November 25, and will end several weeks later, when El Teniente will be a witness. And there, two stadiums of Chilean football full of symbolism for the shooter will serve to review good and bad moments of their career, which has been putting an end to the goal for 36 years.

In two games ahead, he will gather 178 games and 76 of them in the Capo de Provincia jersey. The penalty converted on Saturday in Talca, which installed them in the finals with a Catholic, is one of the most important personally and in the history of the rancaguino club.

"I came in a complicated state and it did not come with much acceptance from many people, there is an anecdote that we talked with Ricardo (Abumohor) with people I fought, I fought, Eduardo (Berizzo) was the main manager of my arrival and was the most important person for six years. It is for me and today I can say that I am proud that I fought as much as I did, with things that came out of me and I'm happy, "he commented on the immovable" 9 "of Celestas, which is still not entirely clear to your future

Most likely, on Thursday, November 14, he also announced the end of a career that began very young in Argentina and quickly jumped to France, Spain. He came to Santiago Morning in Chile, passed the master's exam at the Catholic University, and after leaving without lights he sought a rematch at Santiago Wanderers. He did not find a place in the port, but in December 2012, "Toto" played Calandria. The rest is saved: the first star shooter and the best scorer in club practice.

"The idea (to leave football) is. Today I would have to go to a place that fills me too much and I found very few places that can make me feel that way (…) I see that it is very difficult to continue", said Pablo Ignacio Calandria at the time of announcing that his goals will soon begin to be part of the valuable memories of the Higgins fans.


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