Prepared in Puebla for the National HIV Day


Prepared in Puebla for the National HIV Day

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November 21, 2018, 18.18

All institutions in the health care sector will have to participate in the Elisa test for citizens

Pilar Bravo

PUEBLA, Mexico.- The State HIV Control Council in Puebla is preparing activities commemorating November 23 on the National Day of Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as AIDS.

Claudia Rivera Luna, director of the HIV SSA program, announced that all institutions in the health sector will have to participate in the Elisa test for citizens who will come to the modules, where they will provide guidance on this topic.

The state health service will install a quick test module at Paseo Bravo, where medical and chemical personnel will carry out tests and pay attention to those who require it. These tests and consultations will help save human life, so they estimate that on this day of the 23rd of this month you can do up to 200 tests, but sanitary jurisdictions of the interior of the state will also be taken into account.

The days will be attended by Tehuacán, Tulcingo del Valle, Chignahuapan and Zacatlan, but before the International Day of HIV that will be commemorated on December 1, there will be other activities.

José Antonio Martínez García revealed that it is estimated that there are at least 55,000 people infected with HIV and do not know them, so it is worth testing the day that will give certainty and security to those who do not have it, and immediate attention to those who they acquired the disease.

Onán Vázquez Chávez, representative of the No Dejarse association, includes A.C. at a press conference, he pointed out that AIDS has stopped being a disease that kills, there are therapies if you are at the right time, and I am glad that the SSA offers information and attention.

Recognized the importance of CAPACYT, which cares for the sick, but has few employees and too many restrictions, but ultimately it is a help for those who are exposed to this disease


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