Friday , December 6 2019
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Sears expects last minute offers to avoid liquidation

The countdown continues for Sears, iconic 125-year-old US retail and over 68,000 employees who went bankrupt on October 15 this year. On this occasion, the company set the deadline for submitting bids for its assets until 16.00 from Eastern time (18.00 from Chile), otherwise it will have to be liquidated.

Hopes are deposited in the fact that there is an offer for the last moment, which may come from its general director, Eddie Lampert. As reported by CNBC, quoting sources close to the operation, Lampert would set the amount of USD 4,600 million for the purchase of the network, through the ESL investment fund, of which he is also the president.

The company, which declared bankruptcy with losses of USD 11,000 million, had 700 stores at the time, closing at exactly 142, and another 40 in November. If the offer of Lampert or other similar offer is not specified and publicly announced, in accordance with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), liquidators will divide the company into parts.

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