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Expected was released biographical about Freddie Mercury, an artist who after his death crossed his place as the queen's leader and became one of the greatest icons in rock history. An outstanding vocalist, a brilliant frontman (the only one who can question the position of No. 1 of Mick Jagger) and a great composer, he deserved to be among the stars of music with a portrait on the big screen for some time. And the debt, you can say, was paid.

Here are some reasons not to stop watching Bohemian Rhapsody and do it at the cinema.

# 1 Rami Malek it can occupy the first three places for which you should see this biography. The work of an actor who became famous thanks to his leading role in the great Mr. Work, it's amazing. It is difficult to interpret a figure with such a degree of iconicity, without falling into imitation or stereotyping. Malek is successful, he makes his Freddie Mercury a being of flesh and blood, not a bright demigod. Explosions, existential depth, depression, addictions, eternal pursuit of being different or showing yourself as another. Actor born in Los Angeles makes a model singer born in Zanzibia (today Tasmania) is a real being who became the hero of what he did for the pop and magic he brought to live music.

# 2 Play Live AidThe concert with which Queen returned to the stage after the break, which forced Mercury solo to the minicarrera, is a wonderful idea. Bryan Singer (X-Men, Suspects always) risked recreating these 20 historical minutes without intermediate scenes. 20 minutes of live music recreated in a fictional way, because cinema has never been encouraged before.

# 3 Soundtrack. It can be # 1, because it's nothing like the original Queen music in the cinema. Only this experience is worth sitting to enjoy over two hours of film.

# 4 Mike Myers! A guy who honored better than anyone else Czech rhapsody in the world according to Wayne & # 39; he takes part in the cast and does it under a layer of makeup and hair, which only looking good, are recognized. To make matters worse, he plays the role of a record producer (the same one that edited the Dark Side of the Moon), which was encouraged to kick the band because he did not like the song chosen in many popular surveys as the best in rock history.

# 5 Throwing. "Brian May is the same" is one of the most meaningful phrases at the exit from cinemas. The hair of the legendary guitarist is the main part of the film, and the work of Gwilym Lee is also a success.

# 6 Initial clip This is a good preview of things that will come. Technical expertise, working hours and adrenaline summarizing the journey that will come later.

# 7 The movie avoids morbid people where the unofficial version could fall. It is true that the fact that Brian May and Roger Taylor were central to the project makes the film a bit light for those who would like to look more closely at what the musicians have in common. But on the screen there is also no cardboard idol. Mercury's folds, when he denies his roots and try to hide his sexuality, are present, as history does not avoid the place where cocaine was used when the musician intended to quit his career through the window.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a cinema, you have a lot of ideas and therefore it shines on every screen with good sound. This is obviously a spectacular cinema of the masses and thinking about millions that will go through the cash register. But he does it with due respect for who he presents. With splendor and experience, with a clear love for character and, above all, for a person. And it is appreciated.


Bohemian Rhapsody: the story of Freddie Mercury & # 39; ego (Bohemian Rhapsody) USA / Great Britain, 2018. Address Bryan Singer. Screenplay by Anthony McCarten, Peter Morgan. The assembly of John Ottman. Photo of Newton Thomas Sigel. Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joseph Mazzello, Allen Leech, Tom Hollander, Mike Myers, Aaron McCusker.

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