Tesla Roadster has already overtaken Mars


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Monday, November 5, 2018

-> At the beginning of the year, Space X had the crazy idea of ​​launching an impressive red Tesla Roadster with the idea of ​​reaching the orbit of Mars, and after reaching its goal now enters the Solar System.

The latest information proves that an impressive red vehicle has already passed the orbit of Mars and from now on it will be several years until we see it again close to the Earth, if it does not undergo self-destruction.
According to Ben Pearson models, the mannequin and car will not approach the Earth for two years, but are not expected to be closer to 2091. While this vehicle circulates the entire system without stopping Solar, it is expected that in a few million years it can collide with Venus or the Earth itself.
In any case, from space X, it is not excluded in the next few days to continue introducing various things into space, both in the form of brand promotion and encouraging the public to participate. However, they planned to release a screen-printed glass of any image that the user wanted to travel to space for millions of years.
Either way, maybe in a few billion years, Tesla Roadster will fall to Earth to the delight of those who are there, if there is anything left or someone.


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