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The amazing figure of Shadow of the Colossus has been sold

Shadows Of The ColossusIt was a game Playstation 2 it meant a whole generation, in which the game consisted in the fact that the enemies were based on colossal monsters, which we had to overcome many times by escalandoolos, almost 13 years later Sony We came back so that we could experience the story in its remastered version Playstation 4, many more people joined their fanaticism.

If you are one of those who were excited about Colossi tickets, well, there are good news because the company Prime 1 Studiohe will be responsible for creating the great character of the first colossus that we find in the game, valus, The number according to the same research website, which will measure an amazing height of 46.8 centimeters, unfortunately it will not contain moving parts, but it will contain interchangeable parts to be able to develop more scenes in the diorama from which it comes.

In addition, the statue from valuswill be accompanied Wander and Agro in miniature, so that we can put it somewhere on stage and create an epic scenario of the game.

Another detail that will have a character will be LED lighting both in his eyes and in the head, where should be his weak point, the Magic Seal.

Now the bad thing about this huge number will be its price, which is 829 USDalthough for most of us the cost is high, in the end it will be a piece that will be full of details and made of high quality materials.

Also, the advertising company that there will be more Colossi from the game, so if you do not see the first colossus, valus, we will have the opportunity to save when someone who is interested in us is more interested, or maybe you want to think about having a full collection with everyone.

Figure valus there is now presale and as described in detail in the publication Prime 1 Studio, will start distribution in the middle of next year (July-August).

Shadow Of The Colossus is available only for Playstation 4

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