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The Director of the Unified Initial System questions the possibility of providing PSU twice a year National

Director A unique reception systemMaría Elena González, cautioned that the idea of ​​conducting more than one university selection test annually not only requires will, questioning the importance of the proposal that some people have made, due to its high technical complexity.

From cruchmeanwhile, they admitted that there is no decision on the part of the institution to remove imbalances that the PSU has in a professional technical gymnasium.

Every year, when the results of the university-level selection test are known, a debate begins on the possible changes that the test should bear. This time the discussion managed to land, and the modifications that the Higher Education Law assumes are forcing the system to make improvements.

Among the proposals that have emerged is the idea of ​​making the power supply twice a year, as proposed by the rector of Arturo Prat University, Gustavo Sotoand was greeted by the head of Higher Education Juan Eduardo Vargas, who was even behind more than two tests.

However, the director of the Unified Admission System, María Elena González, he warned that the proposal of the rector of Arturo Prat University, which is supported by the Ministry of Education, does not only require a will, because it involves a number of technically complex difficulties that are difficult to implement, undermining its importance.

Where there will be changes, students of vocational secondary education will be in force, because the Higher Education Act states that a subsystem should be created for those students who have been wronged over all these years because the PSU does not differentiate their curricula.

Executive Vice President of the Council of Rectors, Aldo Valle, he admitted that there is a lack of will of system actors to correct the imbalance that occurs in the technical content of secondary vocational education.

Another issue that will be reviewed to improve the selection tools is the ranking of grades and management that some schools do during grading, which provides a better bonus for students and that this year was reflected in that 26% of these students did not reach 500 points in the power supply.

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