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The great Peru are fighting for Canchita Gonzales, who must define his future in Colo Colo

From Christopher Gonzales arrived in Colo Colo in mid-2015, is small and has nothing to play in the albosDespite the great projection that Canchita showed, Peruvian you will never win a place in Monumental and it was continuous sent for rental to clubs in his home country.

And there, in Peru, the assistant showed his conditions and thanks to that he was clearly defined good results during this semester at Melgar, where he started in 13 games and scored four goals to help his team get the title of the Peruvian Decentralized Closure Championship.

However, despite the level he had on the Peruvian lands, and his maturity could have reached 26 years, Canchita Gonzales did not want to stay again in Colo Colo and his future seems to remain tied to Peru, though he will have to wait for the decision of coach Mario Salas, who saw him up close this year, when he led the champion Sporting Cristal.

Despite determination, the truth is that the helper, according to the Peruvian media, is closely followed by The two largest clubs in Peru, Universitario and Alianza Limawho are looking for a formula to rent it. Thinking that Colo Colo still has a contract until 2020 and that the new loan is not perceived with good vision in Monumental, interested that they will not have another to buy a pass. A situation that escapes them from the budget and complicates possible return to the country.

The truth is Canchita Gonzales must be presented on January 2 in Colo Colo at the beginning of the season and then we will have to see what decision will be made regarding his future. Will he continue in Macul to show coach Mario Salas, or will he return to Peru to add a new club to his career?

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