Sunday , May 16 2021

The main novelty that U Dudamel will have against Everton

University of Chile will face Everton against Viña del Mar this Sunday in what will mark Rafael Dudamel’s debut on the blue bench. The Venezuelan coach showed up with the team in the middle of this week and had some practice to prepare a formation that he will play against roulette players. Today, a summons list was additionally published, with a major surprise.

Reinaldo Lenis, the newest addition to the Romantic TravelerHe had only been at the Blue Sports Center for a few days, but was called in and would be an option in the attack on the university. There were also victims: Gonzalo espinosis not on the payroll due to suspension; Y Simon Contreraswhich was common in recent telephone calls, was also omitted by a technical decision.

Likewise, the Venezuelan strategist will have two to return after having played a double qualifier with their national teams: Jean Beausejour and Luis del Pino Mago.

Check the full payroll

1. Fernando De Paul
3. Diego Carrasco
4. Osvaldo González
6. Matías Rodríguez
8. Augusto Barrios
9. Angelo Henríquez
10. Walter Montillo
11. Brandon Cortés (youth)
12. Cristóbal Campos (youth)
13. Camilo Moya
14. Luis del Pino
15. Jean Beausejour
16. gentle Reginald
17. Luis Casanova
19. Nicolás Guerra (youth)
20. Joaquin Larrivey
23. Fernando Cornejo
30. Jimmy Martínez
32. Mauricio Morales (Youth)

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