The mother of her who tortured a kitten call not to threaten her daughter: "They said they would leave their death in my house"


The mother of a thirteen-year-old girl who tortured her one-month-old daughter to death to stop her daughter's death.

She gave an interview TVN where he described in detail what the hours after the complaint were, which were outraged by the various animal health claims that filed a complaint for the child's actions.

"I've learned the same thing as you do on the social networks, I do not prove it, I did what my mother had to do to approach the PDI to Carabiner's, do the whole procedure as I was asked, and I did not cover anything as people appear at that moment, when "where the mother is," I'm here, "he said.

In addition, the mother said that her daughter was medicated and away from mobile phones because of the threats she had left home in Colina.

"They said they would leave his death in front of the house door. I ask you to feel a mother (…), to see that every act has consequences"He told.

Meanwhile, she said her daughter is causing serious psychiatric problems due to depression, which put him in hospital for a month. "His psychotic abnormalities are listening to the voices, seeing the visions, being under medication," he said.


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