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The plot of the unsuccessful signing of Leonardo Valencia in Colo Colo

Leonardo Valencia He was on the verge of returning to Chilean football. Almost a company to transform into strengthening Colo Colo. Negotiations, however, took place at the last minute, a few hours after closing the savings book.

The player, who became obsessed with the University of Chile at the beginning of the year, now has an uncertain future. Therefore, its continuity in Brazil does not meet Botafogo's expectations.

A call to Meuse

Negotiations with Colo Colo began just from the interest of the current club Leonardo Valencia. President Nelson Mufarrej called Aníbal Moza directly to offer the player. "It was a very attractive proposition," they explain in black and white.

The club had already consulted Valencia in January 2019. However, on this occasion it was not intended to transfer: "He is an important player for us," they said from Brazil. And of course 2018 was the main character when playing 49 games.

However, the scenario has changed this year: player lost meaning with Eduardo Baroque. He hardly plays, and the club is trying to reduce their monthly expenses. In this context, they remembered the old interest since the time of Colo Colo.

Coat / Flag of Colo Colo

Colo Colo's doubts and controversial clause

Marcelo Espina took the lead in the negotiations, despite some directors' doubts. "We thought that shortening composition and increasing opportunities for young people at home would be contrary to our speech.", provide from the concessionaire. However, together with Mario Salas they decided that this would be a unique case.

In black and white it was clear that, despite the aforementioned, Valencia was "a great boost, with negotiations that suited us." At least, it was like that until Wednesday night, when the surgery was frustrated.

Agent Fernando Felicevich asked the player to have an exit clause of just $ 500,000 in case he wanted to leave next year. Well below what Colo Colo was supposed to pay for Valencia this week. This means that having a semester, staff or could lose a millionaire.

Aníbal Mosa explained in an interview with agriculture: "There are people who do not understand that Colo Colo is a business card that has value. Colo Colo is not for them to come to do business, make a pass, and the club is looking for a wall – he said. And so failed negotiations were closed a few minutes before the market closed.

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