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The tearful farewell of Consuelo Saavedra on the last day at TVN

In the middle of this year Consuelo Saavedra informed about leaving TVN. That, after her husband Andrés Velasco has been confirmed as dean with Institute with Public policy The London School of Economics in the UK.

But Only this Sunday the journalist said goodbye to the screen about the end of the "24-hour center", where his colleagues paid him a well-deserved tribute to his career in the channel.

For this reason, the emblematic face of the sign of everything devoted to the emotional words of the last day.

"I am convinced that public television in Chile is important, for Democracy, pluralism is important to represent all people's points of view," he said at the beginning while Gonzalo Ramírez and the rest of his team gave him a bouquet of flowers as a gift.


And in this sense, Consuelo added that "I was part of this journey, with my friends, with amazing professionals, and as I said, pride, privilege that accompanied people information, entertainment through TVN for so many years and being part of a changing human group It mutates, but it always has a shirt, and it is unique, of course it is sad to say goodbye, but I am also happy with all these years with humility and gratitude. "

"I asked them not to make a video, they do not do anything, but I understand it because it is a sign of feeling", it ended between tears.

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