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They discover the planet with sapphires and rubies 21 light years from Earth Technology

Researchers announced the discovery of a new planet whose main feature is its possession rubies and sapphires.

The point is HD219134 Bwhich is in the constellation of Cassiopeia, 21 light years from us.

As detailed in the study published in the monthly announcements of the Royal Astronomical Society, the body circles its star for a light year, and its mass is five times greater than the mass of the Earth.

Researchers believe that unlike our planet HD219134 B there is no massive iron core, but rather is rich in calcium and aluminum.

Findings were made by experts from the University of Zurich in Switzerland and the University of Cambridge in Great Britain, who indicated that the planet probably shines from red to blue because both ruby ​​and sapphire are aluminum oxides.

As the specialists explain, during the training stars such as Sun they were surrounded by a disk of gas and dust in which the planets were born.

"Rocky planets, such as the Earth, were formed from solid bodies left behind after the dispersion of the gas disk." These building blocks were condensed from the gas of the nebula when the disk cooled down, "details.

However, the matter of this new planet is different. Because it was formed very close to its star, there is almost no iron. On the contrary, it consists mainly of calcium, aluminum, magnesium and silicon.

The study adds that these features make the magnetic field HD219134 B different from Earth.

Caroline Dorn, astrophysicist at the Institute of Computational Science at the University of Zurich and one of the researchers, mentioned that the body is one of three candidates who probably belong to a new class of exoplanets.

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