Two carabiner wounded with wounded wounds after working for Santiago – national


Two carabiner wounded were injured after the Santiago operation

This is the second leader of a police car and a corporal who took part in the various operations of the operation after stealing a warehouse in the southern part of the capital. Tvn


Two Carabiner Teams were found bullet effects were damaged afternoon and evening in Santiago on Saturday. They both participated in an operation after a criminal group tried to steal a Lipigas branch at the intersection of Lo Valle and Santa Rosa.

The first injured is the police car driver who was injured on his right arm after the Carabiner's vehicle was fired by criminals. The uniform was transferred to the Barros Luco hospital to stabilize and later to the Carabineros hospital.

After the attack, individuals fleeed on a vehicle that later attacked one stone. After the accident, they stop and find that the car has no order. One subject delivered a revolver to theft.

At that time, two people fled and started a gunfight between criminals and policemen who guarded the aforementioned detainees. In this situation, another decile of La Granja's 13th police station was injured. The uniform got a bullet at his right foot and was exposed to life threat.



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