Friday , December 4 2020

In depth | Weimar Motors has “four consecutive burns” in a month. Should you blame the battery supplier or yourself for being “cheap”? -Securities Times

  1. Depth | Weimar Motors has “four consecutive burns” in a month. Is it to blame for the battery supplier or “cheap” on its own?Securities Times
  2. Supplying Batteries to Weimar Motors, ZTE High Energy Stuck With Rumors Of Production Suspension And TerminationcnBeta
  3. Four auto-ignition accidents occurred in Weimar EX5 within 35 days of the Beijing fire and explosionSina
  4. Weimar EX5 caught fire and exploded in Beijing: Thick smoke crossed four floors and an official admitted there was a problem with battery_detailed interpretation_news_hot events36kr
  5. Weimar resembles 1,282 electric vehicles: in extreme cases there is a risk of fire – IT and trafficcnBeta
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