Tuesday , January 26 2021

Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia: Corresponding improvements will be made to flow tracking, centralized isolation and leak control programs after completion of the second round of nucleic acid testing- Sina.com

  1. Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia: Traceability, centralized isolation and containment control programs will be revised when the second round of nucleic acid testing is completedSina
  2. There are 9 new local confirmed cases in Inner Mongolia in ManzhouliCaixin.com political and economic channel
  3. Manzhouli District 6 closed the general clinics of two hospitals all day longEpoch Times
  4. The Chinese epidemic is spreading faster, Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia is closing the cityNTDTV
  5. [Nowe zapalenie płuc wieńcowe]The outbreak in Inner Mongolia is suspected to be caused by foreign goods |Malaysia Oriental Daily
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