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Towards a Good Quality Road In Hangzhou Yuan Jiajun Open Second Qiantang River Forum

November 03, 2018, 15:36:10


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Towards quality improvement

The second Qiantang River forum opened in Hangzhou

Yuan Jiajun's speech


On the third morning in Hangzhou, the second Qiantang River opened. Governor Yuan Jiajun attended and held a speech.

Zhejiang Online Hangzhou November 3 (Zhejiang Online Journalist Yu Qin Yuan Huaming)On the third morning in Hangzhou, the second Qiantang River opened. The topic of "high-quality development" was hosted by more than 1,200 international financial organizations from 15 countries, world-famous scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals working in different fields. Governor Yuan Jiajun attended and held a speech. Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the China Finance Association, and Ke Kewen, President of the Asia Society Policy Research Institute, spoke. Jiang Jianqing, Zhou Jiangyong and Chen Tiexiong attended and Zhu Congxi chaired.


On the third morning in Hangzhou, the second Qiantang River opened.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that financing is the modern economy and the real economy blood. Maintain the real economy of financial services, especially the private economy, focus on reducing financing costs for private enterprises, pay attention to financial orientation to support small and micro enterprises, focus on financial support through market enhancement, provincial and county relations, political and financial enterprises jointly solving the difficulties of private venture financing The problem of financing is expensive, for the flow of financial resources into quality businesses and for the "industry" irrigation of "water for funding". In-depth implementation of the "eighth-eighth" strategy for financial services, optimizing the allocation of financial resources, supporting the supporting role of funding major platforms, major projects and major reforms, and the "Fourth Project", "Four Great Buildings" to revive the economy of the digital economy. When significant strategies are created. We fundamentally set up the funds for the prevention and control of financial risks, improve the financial risk monitoring system of "Tianluodi.com", improve the financial line and risk management mechanism, focusing on liquidity risk of private companies, against. Allocation of the risk of network lending and financial institutions are "badly" working to ensure that financial risks are generally monitored and high-quality development results can be achieved. Without a glance, we are building new financial centers, accelerating the financial harbor of Qiantang River, Hangzhou International Financial Technology City and mobile payment ranges, as well as new development impetus. We continue to support the "one-on-one once" reform and government digital transformation, accelerate the implementation of "manual" and "manual offices", create the best business environment with high quality, efficient and comfortable government services and work together with "new financing , New technology, new economy. "

The Qiantang River Forum is a great platform for exchanging experiences and cooperation in delivering financial services to the real economy and delivering innovation and development in Zhejiang. The three-day forum will create a forum, press conference, two closed doors and six summits focusing on industry-to-financial interaction, focusing on financial support for the development of the industry of eight billion, and the transformation and development of the economy. The area explores exchanges, promotes pragmatic cooperation and builds an important channel for the financial sector to connect to the real economy.


Qiantang River Forum Development

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